Are you using your dental insurance?

Statistics say that half the people out there with dental insurance never use it.  To me this is mind boogling!  Not only does this mean that people are neglecting their dental health but they’re also paying for something that they’re not using.  (I suppose the same could be said for those on “auto-pay” at the gym who never make it through the gym doors, but I digress)

So, what’s the issue here?  Is it lack of desire?  Fear?  Lack of convenience?  Money?  Something else?

Most insurance plans will cover preventative procedures at 100%.  Generally that means that your cleanings, x-rays and exams are FREE!  Even better, the insurance will pay for them bi-annually, or twice a year.  So every six months you can come in and get a FREE cleaning, exam and x-rays!  What a bargain!  That takes care of the monetary barrier, what about the other ones?

Let’s talk about fear.  Fear of the dentist is a very real phenomenon.  Despite the fact that I’m a *really* nice guy people still seem to not be really excited to come and see me professionally.  Many times its rooted in the unknown, people fear what they don’t know and don’t like to be surprised.  We try our best to explain everything that we’re going to do ahead of time and talk things through.  Other times people are afraid of getting hurt.  Anesthesia is very effective, there shouldn’t be any pain during the procedure.  (At times some post operative sensitivity will occur, this is normal due to surgical procedures being done).  Sometimes people are just anxious.  This is where Nitrous Oxide (N2O) is extremely effective.  I call it a “wonder drug” as it makes people far more calm and has no side effects.

Ok, how about convenience?  My office has early morning hours to try and get people in and out before work even starts.

Now desire is the hardest thing to address.  As comfortable and convenient as my office is, if you don’t want to come in, I can’t make you.  At some point you’ll need to motivate yourself and give us a call.

At the end of the day, I promise we’ll make your visit as easy and comfortable as possible.  Take advantage of the benefits you’re already paying for!