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Dr. Joshua Wyte and the rest of our talented team at Wyte Smiles are dedicated to providing our Denver patients with exceptional care. Smiles are our specialty, so no matter your unique oral health needs, we can help. Our practice offers a full array of preventive, restorative, and cosmetic services, as well as children’s dental care, so everyone in your family is sure to leave our office with the beautiful smile you want and deserve. Your oral health is our top concern, so we take your teeth seriously. We want you to feel confident that the care you receive at Wyte Smiles is always top-notch, so we encourage you to voice your questions or concerns. If visiting the dentist has you feeling anxious, we offer relaxing sedation options to help you feel calm while we work. We also respect your time and budget, so we do our best to run on time, and we offer a variety of flexible financing to help you stay in budget. Ready to join the Wyte Smiles family? Give us a call today!


Some of Our Services


Dental crowns and bridges are among the most common types of dental restoration performed in Denver, CO. Crowns and bridges are both used to replace missing teeth, restore damaged teeth, improve function, and restore your smile. We offer many options for giving you your most beautiful smile with quality dental restorations.


Keeping yourself healthy is an important goal, but being healthy doesn’t just mean keeping an eye on what you eat or exercising regularly. Many people frequently overlook the importance of having healthy teeth, and more specifically how essential it is to have your teeth professionally cleaned twice a year. The Academy of General Dentistry advises individuals to receive regular dental check-ups and cleanings to improve your overall oral health.


Your teeth are constantly exposed to acid released by plaque bacteria and acidic foods. Acids damage the tooth surface by causing tiny holes in your tooth. Over time, the acid damage causes the tooth to become fragile to the point of developing a visible hole. When the hole grows bigger, you will need to get a filling. For people who are at risk of tooth decay, dentists recommend dental sealants as a preventive measure. Read on to learn more about the applications of fillings and sealants.


One of the easiest, least expensive, and most common cosmetic dental procedures, tooth bonding is the process of applying a composite plastic, generally tooth-colored, for a variety of purposes. In many cases, tooth bonds are used to repair chipped or fractured teeth or to make discolored teeth look white and clean again. In some cases, they are also used to make teeth appear longer or to change the shape of your teeth–whatever cosmetic effect the customer desires.

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