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Dr. Wyte and his dental team are proud to offer a wide variety of services, including root canals in Denver, CO.

When you hear that you need a root canal, you may be filled with fear. However, this procedure is quite common and can beroot canals denver co painless. As a smart alternative to extraction, it can help you to preserve your tooth. If you have had a deep cavity or experienced trauma to your mouth, a root canal may be on the horizon. Here are certain signs that a root canal is necessary.

When is a Root Canal Needed?

There are certain signs that a root canal may be needed to solve your dental problems.

  • Severe Tooth Pain. When you have an infection that has reached the root of your tooth, you may be in a great deal of pain, especially when you apply pressure to your tooth.
  • Temperature Sensitivity. Although it is common to suffer from minor sensitivity when you eat something cold or hot, the pain usually subsides quickly. When a tooth is experiencing problems that affect the tooth’s root and nerves, sensitivity may linger. This may mean that a root canal is necessary.
  • Inflamed Gums. Many times, the need for a root canal can be seen in the gums. If there is an area that is painful and swollen or contains a raised bump, an abscess may have started. A root canal is one of the few ways to save the tooth.

The Root Canal Procedure

Even though the root canal procedure may seem scary, it is actually quite simple and should be no more uncomfortable than a regular filling. Understanding the procedure may make things easier to handle. The first step is numbing the affected area. Next, the tooth is isolated. A small hole is created so that your dentist can gain access to the interior of the tooth. The tooth’s pulp chamber is cleaned. This area contains nerves, blood vessels, and pulp. All of these items are removed, which will stop the pain. Finally, the tooth is sealed. While a traditional filling may be used, it is common to top the tooth with a crown. This will provide extra strength to the structure. When you are suffering from abnormal tooth pain, it is essential to visit your dentist. We are ready to identify the problem and to recommend the best course of action.

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