Bad Breath – Halitosis

What is Halitosis? Halitosis, by definition, is bad or sour smelling breath. It’s common, but usually preventable with proper dental care, by avoiding certain foods, and by maintaining your overall health. There are two types of bad breath: temporary and persistent. Temporary Bad Breath Temporary bad breath is often linked to the types of food … Continued

A Proper Diet Is Important for Oral Health

Proper oral hygiene is very important for taking good care of your teeth. Along with brushing, flossing, and semi-annual trips to your dentist, choosing the right diet choices is very important. In fact, eating healthy foods can help protect your teeth from future cavities and gum disease. Of course, it also contributes to your overall … Continued

Tips for Healthy Teeth & Gums

Maintaining healthy teeth and gums gives you a beautiful smile and goes a long way for maintaining total body health. Here are a few tips to help you maintain healthy teeth and gums for years to come. Tips: Brush your teeth regularly and as soon after eating as possible, even after snacking. Brushing keeps small … Continued

Dental Care for Your Baby

There is a lot to learn when caring for a baby. Did you know that dental care is important for your baby, even before his or her teeth come in? Your child should start seeing the dentist when the first tooth comes in, usually around six to twelve months. The most important reason is to … Continued

Choosing a Dental Crown

Choosing a Dental Crown A crown is a dental restoration that covers your entire tooth. It used to be that any crown had to have some metal in it for strength. Dental crowns are one of Dentistry’s most versatile types of restorations. Beyond just offering a way to rebuild and strengthen a compromised tooth, they … Continued

The Importance of Flossing

The Importance of Flossing Flossing is an important part of an oral health care routine. Brushing alone will not keep your teeth and gums protected. With floss, you can remove food particles and plaque from between teeth better than with a toothbrush alone. Flossing your teeth every night can be a hard habit to develop, … Continued

White fillings vs. Silver fillings

There is still a lot of confusion out there as to which type of dental fillings a patient should choose, white fillings or silver fillings? This might one of the most contested topics in dentistry by a long shot. It’s a topic that’s easy to exaggerate. When a local news program is having a slow … Continued

How does Dental Insurance work?

“So doc, this procedure is covered by my dental insurance, right?” The answer to that question is a definite “Well, maybe…” How does Dental Insurance actually work? The first step happens when your employer consults an insurance provider and they decide which coverage to provide for you as the employee. Every insurance company offers multiple … Continued

The Beauty of Veneers

Veneers are one of cosmetic dentistry’s most recent developments. Dental Veneers, also know as Porcelain Veneers, are very thin, custom-made shells of tooth-colored material. They are designed to cover the front surface of teeth to improve appearance. They are routinely used by dentists as a way to make cosmetic changes for teeth. There are several … Continued