I lost my insurance, I can’t come in

I hear this a lot, that people no longer have dental insurance.  They’re still gainfully employed, but something happened with the benefit package at their job and they no longer have dental insurance.

They erroneously believe that they then can’t come in for treatment.  Did you know that $20 a month is all you need to pay for your two cleanings a year, with exams and x-rays?

So if you brown bag it for lunch to work twice a month, you’ve successfully self insured for dental treatment.  Many problems aren’t apparent as they don’t hurt, such as cavities, gum disease and even infections.  It’s always much less expensive to handle things at the outset when they’re small and easier to take care of.

Even if you don’t have the finances to handle the issue right then, knowledge is power and it lets you plan for the future and make sure that a tooth isn’t going to ruin your weekend away or another event you have planned.

So as much as you may want Kung Pao Chicken next week, bringing a sandwich instead will let you have the cash saved up to take care of your health.  You only get one set of teeth, make sure you keep them!