The Importance of Wearing Mouth Guards

Mouth guards should be worn by everyone, both children and adults who play contact sports like football, boxing and soccer just to name a few. Even those enjoying non-contact sports and recreational activities like mountain biking could benefit from wearing a protective mouth guard. While mouth guards are not required equipment for some sports, wearing one is still an important precaution to take.

Mouth guards are designed to help cushion the mouth, teeth and jaw, helping prevent significant damage where injuries could occur. Mouth guards provide protection by covering the front and lower teeth with frames to lessen an impact to the mouth. Therefore, mouth guards limit the risk of injuries to your teeth, lips, tongue and jaw.

Mouth guards work best and are most comfortably if they fit snuggly around your teeth. The only way to get a perfect fit is to use a customized mouth guard designed to properly protect you where you need it most. Because they are customized for your mouth, they slip easily onto your teeth. If you play sports and are interested in a custom mouth guard, give us a call or mention it at your next appointment. We can create a customized mouth guard specifically built to fit your teeth.

Remember, it is important to wear your mouth guard each time you play. That means wearing it for both games and practice or if you are engaged in rigorous activity such as skate boarding. Protect your smile and get into the habit of wearing a mouth guard whenever you participate in a sporting activity.