I lost my insurance, I can’t come in

I hear this a lot, that people no longer have dental insurance.  They’re still gainfully employed, but something happened with the benefit package at their job and they no longer have dental insurance. They erroneously believe that they then can’t come in for treatment.  Did you know that $20 a month is all you need … Continued

Why come and see me? Why am I different from “ABC” Dental?

Not too toot my own horn here (well, maybe a little bit!), but I’m special. Not only does my Mom think that (Hi Mom!) but for other reasons too. I’ll make this brief and to the point. You should also be considering this for any professional that you choose, whether its a Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant … Continued

Every 6 months, that’s a myth, right?

Just like “An apple a day keep the Doctor away” is popular saying, so is “See your Dentist every 6 months!”. I subscribe that you should see me every 6 months, if not even more often.  I know in todays modern, busy world six months doesn’t seem like a long time, but a whole lot … Continued

Are you using your dental insurance?

Statistics say that half the people out there with dental insurance never use it.  To me this is mind boogling!  Not only does this mean that people are neglecting their dental health but they’re also paying for something that they’re not using.  (I suppose the same could be said for those on “auto-pay” at the … Continued

Dental Care for Your Baby

There is a lot to learn when caring for a baby. Did you know that dental care is important for your baby, even before his or her teeth come in? Your child should start seeing the dentist when the first tooth comes in, usually around six to twelve months. The most important reason is to … Continued